Why This Petition?

The Holy See is under renewed attack by powerful forces that intend to silence the voice of the Vatican at the United Nations. The Vatican has the status of Observer State at the UN, which allows it to negotiate documents. In this capacity, it has used its voice to prevent an right to abortion and defend human life and the family.

These forces wanting the Vatican out at the UN include the most powerful non-governmental organizations in the world including International Planned Parenthood Federation, Marie Stopes International, the Center for Reproductive Rights, and SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States).

The “See Change Campaign” to kick the Vatican out of the UN is being led by a group calling itself “Catholics” for Choice, formerly run by pro-abortion Frances Kissling. This group has been condemned repeatedly by Bishops and Bishop’s Conferences around the world.

Their goal is to silence the moral voice of the UN. The stakes could not be any higher. If the Vatican is kicked out of the UN, abortion could become a universal human right, marriage between one man and one woman could be redefined out of existence, and UN-style population control would be imposed on families across the globe.

Your help is needed right now. There are three ways to help.

First, if you run an organization, please sign the attached “Declaration in Support of the Holy See at the United Nations.” We already have 4,000 groups who have signed the declaration. We would like more.

Second, if you are an individual, you can sign the “Declaration” too. We are looking for 100,000 signers.

Third, send the link to this page to everyone you know, to everyone in your address book, to all of your friends, family, and associates.

Please know that while this campaign is in support of the Catholic Church, people of all faiths or no faith are invited to sign. The Declaration in no way endorses the teachings or doctrine of the Catholic Church. The Declaration merely recognizes the importance of the Church negotiating for life, faith and family at the UN.


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